Is Minoxidil The Best Hair Loss Treatment, How To Make It More Effective

Minoxidil is a medication FDA approved to treat pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. It’is available in various forms such as a solution, foam, or shampoo.

Minoxidil works by dilating blood vessels in the scalp, This improve hair follicle function and increase the nutriments arrived to the follicle by blood flow.

Also it is important to note that the scientists did not understood the exact work mechanism of minoxidil.

Is Minoxidil The Best Hair Loss Treatment?

Minoxidil can be effective increasing hair regrowth for people suffering slow hair loss and, it may not work well enough for people with very intensive hair loss. Additionally, it is very important to note that minoxidil is not a permanent cure for pattern hair loss and must be continuously used to maintain any improvements.

most of users how stopped using minoxidil noted that all hair growth improvement achieved, can be lost just in few months or weeks after stopping using it, and hair loss become more intensive than before.

doctors prescribe several treatments for genetic hair loss including finasteride, a medication that works by stopping the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that contribute in genetic hair loss. minoxidil is a good cure to stop hair loss if you suffer of temporary hair loss but in androgenetic alopecia case Hair transplant surgery is the best final option.

It is important to consult with a healthcare provider or a dermatologist to determine the appropriate treatment for your situation.

How to get the best results from minoxidil

to get better benefits from minoxidil, it is important to use it correctly and continuously. Here are some tips to help you maximize the effectiveness of minoxidil:

Apply minoxidil to a clean and dry scalp: don’t use any hair products before applying minoxidil. If any product is used, clean it and wait until it dry.
Use the prescribed dose : Follow the instructions on the packaging or as directed by your doctor. Applying more than the recommended dose may not increase the effectiveness of the minoxidil and may cause side effects.
Apply minoxidil only to the affected areas of your scalp where hair loss is occurring. Do not apply it to other parts of your body or hair, specially for women,because applying minoxidil close to face areas can lead to unwanted hair growth.

Be patient best results take several months of consistent use of minoxidil. Do not stop using it before giving it a chance to work.
Hair loss can continue even while using minoxidil, so it is important to use continuously the medication to maintain any improvements. If you stop using minoxidil, any hair growth that happened as a result may be lost.
Combine with other treatments: Combining minoxidil with other hair loss treatments, such as finasteride or hair transplant surgery, many people have combined minoxidil with finasteride and they got faster and better results than using only the minoxidil, you can also combine using minoxidil with complimentary nutriments, in both forms liquid spray or pills.
Remember to consult with a dermatologist before starting any new hair loss treatment.



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